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Mary Duncan - Vibrant Earth Commercial Plant Nurseries

We engaged Jane and Neil from Chocolate Dog to design the layout and look of our new website. The website is quite an investment for our business and much time has been spent planning exactly how we wanted it to work. We decided it was worth the time and money to do the job well. The ‘look’ and the way the site flowed is most important to us.

We have been very pleased with the work that Chocolate Dog have done for us on this project. It was not an easy brief, we have many different products and concepts to introduce. I have been delighted with how well they understood and interpreted what we wanted. They have been most enjoyable to work with, and we are very excited with the resulting design. They also gave our logo a fresh new look, I have had many compliments on this since. We look forward to continuing this project with them.

Jj - Mahana Weddings

Mahana Weddings have gone to Choccy Dog on many occasions over the years for design, art work, photography, website building, copywriting as we are delighted with the originality of their work, the speed at which the work is done and both the professional but friendly way in dealing with us. Jane and Neil work wonders!

They have put up with our crap over the years and the times Jane and Neil have continued to help us out - usually at 'drop everything else' moments - I have no idea why they are so good to us!

I love CD! Yah!